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Storage & Care

How do I protect my furniture?

Protect your furniture from moist and rain as much as possible. When not using the furniture, put it under shelter or use a furniture cover. Keep in mind that there must be a distance between the furniture cover and the furniture so the ventilation can take place. We have different types of furniture covers to choose from.

What maintenance is needed?

It´s not possible to give a general answer because it all depends on what material and finish your furniture has, and what type of environment it is placed. You will find information among our care advice that comes with you when you buy your furniture. You can also find the care advice in the list to the right.

How do I store my furniture during the winter?

Store under shelter during winter, somewhere cool and not too dry. You can also store the furniture outdoors, just remember to protect the furniture by using for example a furniture cover. Don’t let the snow and rain come into contact with the furniture and be sure to leave space between the furniture and the cover for ventilation. Wash and wipe down the furniture before putting them away for the winter.

Do you have furniture covers for your furniture?

Hillerstorp has a selection of covers for furniture sets, garden swings, umbrellas, cushions and more.

How can I get rid of those black dots, cracks and resin?

Wood is a living material and is affected by the weather. It twists and bends depending on things like temperature and air humidity. Cracks are generally the result of low air humidity. Black dots, on the other hand, are often caused by high air humidity. Resin pouring out of the knots of pinewood furniture is often the result of high temperature, whereas low temperature could mean trouble for that rainy wet piece of wooden furniture.

Care instructions will follow the furniture but here are some general tips:

Stains and black dots

If black dots appear, usually on tabletops and armrests, it is due to rain and air pollution. Soot and dust follow raindrops from the sky and land on the furniture. The drop dries away and soot and dust remain. Eventually, those small stains of soot will show as black spots. Simply wash the furniture with a mild detergent. If done repeatedly maybe the spots will never appear.

Cracks in the wood

Wood absorbs and emits moisture, which can cause cracking of the wood surface. If used outdoors, over time you will find cracks somewhere on the furniture eventually. Most cracks are superficial and will not affect the use of the furniture. To minimize the presence of cracks, protect the furniture from moist and rain. When not in use put it under shelter or use a furniture cover.


If a piece of pinewood furniture is exposed to a temperature higher than 38ºC, a natural process starts in the wood. Resin can pour out, especially in and around knots. When the furniture cools down you can carefully scape it off.


What cushion should I choose to my furniture?

You can find a cushion that suits your furniture under each specific product on our website.

Can I wash my cushions?

Yes, you can. The way to do it varies from cushion to cushion. There is a washing instruction to be found on the cushion.

How do I keep my cushions from fading in the sun?

Yes, sunlight will fade the colours of your cushions. It is normally a gradual process that takes some time. To keep the cushions from fading, simply keep them from sunlight as much as possible.

Order- and complaint handling

Is it possible to buy furniture from Hillerstorp directly?

All Hillerstorp sales go through a network of retailers. Hopefully there is one close to you!

How do I handle a complaint?

If you wish to make a claim, please contact the retailer where you purchased the furniture from.