FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade. Our teak furniture items from Indonesia are FLEGT-licensed products and fulfil the EU’s Timber Regulation requirements.

Indonesia’s FLEGT-licensed products are considered to meet the EU’s Timber Regulation requirements. (Read more about the Timber Regulation). This means that EU-based operators do not need to perform further checks before they release FLEGT-licensed products onto the market. Since 15 November 2016, products mentioned in the Voluntary Partnership Agreement’s (VPA) revised annexe l can no longer enter the EU if they do not have a FLEGT license. (VPA is a voluntary partnership agreement between Indonesia and the EU).

A joint implementation committee between Indonesia and the EU monitors the implementation of VPA, and answers any questions that may arise. Only timber and wooden products that meet the requirements that are set out in the EU’s Timber Regulation result in the exporter being issued with a FLEGT licence.

The Information is taken from www.flegtlicence.org.