A sustainable choice

We proudly manufacture our wooden furniture of FSC®-certified pine from Sweden. This is a renewable, organic, environmentally-friendly and climate-smart choice of material.

Our history dates back to 1929, and is based on Swedish craft tradition with a focus on design, quality and sustainability. We want our products to contribute to a more enjoyable outdoor experience from one generation to the next. 

We understand that sustainability is about the entire cyckle, about how our products affect the environment, from manufacture through logistics to delivery. Sustainability is an ongoing process at the company, one in which we always strive to improve.

Sustainably and responsibly-managed forests can continue to provide us with timber into the foreseeable future. At least two new trees are planted for each tree that is felled in Sweden.

Let the Swedish forest live on in your home. The material lends a natural, warm feeling to the decor.