We know that choosing garden furniture can be hard. But we also know we can make that choice a bit easier for you. After 90 years, we have learned that garden furniture is an extension of the house to which it belongs – which means you’ve already made your choice. Because surely you chose your home for a reason? Now you can simply let your home choose your garden furniture. We have divided our products into categories to make the selection process easier for you.


The modern house with a lovely garden is home to bon vivants who have invested in their homes. It is time to focus on yourself – and on your friends. Socialisation is the focus here, and plenty of seating is essential. We call this category Social.


The devoted family lives in the 70s house. Everyone has their own space here, and the focus is on play and function over design and vision. In this solution-oriented, action-packed life, planning and spontaneity go hand in hand. We call this category Flexible.


The functionalist house is home to people who know what they like and are keen to try new things. They are happy to be their own handymen and they have a unique style. If they have kids, then the kids are the focus, but without sacrificing their own interests – which they are delighted to pass down. We call this category Curious.


Dreams live in the turn-of-the-century house. They didn’t end up here by chance; they know exactly what they like and have long craved the perfect turn-of-the-century house in which to build their dream life together. Maybe they have children, maybe not. Regardless, they value time for themselves and a sense of peace. We call this category Harmonious.


Lovebirds live in a flat in the city with a little balcony. It may or may not be their first flat together. They live for the pulse of the city and have chosen location over space. They love every single square meter and make the best of the space at their disposal. We call this category Efficient.