Parasol and accessories for all outdoor areas

Come in under the parasol and enjoy the shade! We have parasols and accessories for large outdoor areas, gardens and small balconies. From 135 cm up to 350 cm, there is room in the shade for lots of people and in all types of outdoor environments. In our range, there are col-ourful classics and modern versions in luxury, modern and smart designs. Choose from small, flexible parasols that are placed at the edge of the table or balcony rail, or from larger versions in different sizes in both classic and overhanging designs. We also have a large range of accessories – everything from the much-needed parasol base in different weights to parasol covers that keep your parasol dry and fresh when not in use. The right parasol should be attractive, practical, offer all the shade you need and complement your outdoor furniture – find your favourite one here at Hillerstorp.